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Effective April 27, 2018, Stanislaus County Health Services Agency - Public Health will no longer provide vaccines specific to travelers, such as typhoid vaccine.

Many area retail pharmacies offer immunizations needed for travel, are able to bill more insurances, and often vaccinate without the need for an appointment. Please call or visit their websites for more information.

Because US-licensed yellow fever vaccine is out of stock, a limited number of clinics in the United States are now offering an equally safe and effective alternate vaccine, Stamaril. The nearest Stamaril clinic may be some distance away and appointments may be limited. The nearest locations for Stanislaus County include Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, and Fresno. For exact location, please visit: CDC - Search For Stamaril Clinics.

Travel Immunizations

Plan ahead and take precautions!! It is a good idea to know which immunizations are required and/or recommended before you travel outside the United States. If possible speak to a travel professional before your trip is planned, if not make an appointment to get needed travel vaccines as soon as you begin planning your trip!

It is important to visit the travel clinic or your provider at least 8 weeks before your planned departure date or earlier.

Follow these steps to find out what travel shots and medications you may need and where to get them:

STEP 1: Review immunization requirements and/or recommendations for your travel itinerary.

There are several good sources of information including reliable websites which offer up-to-date, accurate travel immunization information. The first is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) see travel resources below.

Travel Resources

CDC also maintains a 24-hour, toll free International Travelers' Health Automated Information Line at (877) 394-8747.

STEP 2: Check with the Public Health Travel Clinic or your provider regarding the needed immunizations.

STEP 3: Contact the Public Health Travel Clinic or locate a travel physician to set-up an immunization travel appointment.

During your travel appointment, the nurse will determine your risk factors and provide disease information specific to your travel plans.

Please bring the following information for your appointment:

  • Immunization Records
  • Allergy Information
  • Current Medication List
  • Detailed Itinerary of trip

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