Pre-teens and Teens

Immunizations for pre-teens and teens are important, too!

Overtime some immunizations’ immunity wears off and pre-teen or teens may be at risk for serious disease that can be easily spread, like whooping cough (pertussis) and chickenpox (if a pre-teen or teen never had the chickenpox disease or received 2nd dose). It is important that parents make sure their pre-teen or teen are immunized again.

Parents or guardians of pre-teens and teens are encouraged to check with their child’s provider or doctor to make sure all required and recommended immunizations are up-to-date for their pre-teen or teen. The doctor will discuss the required Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough) booster and recommend several vaccines during a pre-teen or teen doctor visit, including, meningococcal vaccine, a second chickenpox (varicella) shot, and HPV vaccine. The doctor will also recommend an annual flu vaccine too.

Being a teenager is more than doing well in school, sports or hanging out with friends; it’s also about taking charge of your health! Talk to your parents about scheduling a pre-teen or teen doctor visit.

Recommended Immunizations

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